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Which Electric Bike Is Right For You?


Riding an electric bike expands your possibilities on two-wheels and figuring out which type of e-bike you need is a key decision point. 

Having been popular for more than 10 years, electric bikes come in all shapes, sizes, and two distinctive electric system types in Canada.  These two types offer different outputs of pedal-assistance and have a very noticeable difference in handling and weight.

Both are, of course, really fun to ride! Learn more about the types of electric bike to help you choose the best ride for you.

Full Power

Full power electric bikes are great for almost every rider, as the most universally accepted system type. If you want the most assistance at any given time, this is the one for you! These models are great for climbing hills, faster acceleration, carrying extra cargo, and longer distances.

Super Light

Super light electric bikes are just that, the lightest models of pedal assist available now. Usually about half the electric system (battery and motor) weight, these bikes feel more like a normal bike and offer superior handling.
These models are best for users who still want a workout, and just need a little power to take the edge off.

We have a lot of experience with electric bikes and one of the biggest selection to choose from in Toronto. Our knowledgeable staff are always glad to talk about e-bikes, stop by sometime!

Keep In Mind

It’s important to research your purchase before you buy - we have a large inventory of electric bikes of all types in store for test ride, and several models for rent. If you rent a bike you'll get a chance to really try out the system type in places you like to ride, and then if you decide to make a purchase the rental fees can be applied towards the bike you buy.

Find The Right Ride With Us

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