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Join Us for a Ride

Cyclepath Danforth Cycling Club

We are very happy to announce that we are hosting group rides from the store with an official Ontario Cycling Association club!

All of the rides start and finish at the shop, our goal is to have fun and enjoy progressing as a group. We will update everyone on Facebook / Instagram / Strava if we need to change the status of rides based on weather.


This route will take us down to Taylor Creek and south to the Leslie St. spit with most of the ride being on paths. This is a no drop beginner ride at a friendly pace.

The ride starts at 7pm - a bike with drop bars and wider tires is recommended!


This is a no drop beginner ride between 10-20km in the Don Valley singletrack with lots of breaks and re-groups. This ride also splits into a more advanced group if there are 2 or more riders looking to spice it up.

The ride starts at 8:30 am - this is a great way to get to know the MTB trails in the Don!


If you'd like to join you need to purchase:

OCA Community Membership (19+) - $45 / year or OCA Community Membership (Under 18) - $25 / year

Buying a license from the Ontario Cycling Association is mandatory - it gets you insurance coverage and supports cycling events in Ontario. 100% of your membership fee goes to the OCA.

Signing up gets you one free rental from the store - this is $100 value, doubles your investment and gives you the opportunity to ride a nice rental gravel, dual suspension MTB, or eMTB.

We also need you to sign the waiver before your first ride cause our lawyer said so.

All are welcome, and electric bikes are allowed (and encouraged). Helmets are mandatory, don’t forget your water and lights for the evening rides!

Sign the Waiver Here

Cyclepath Danforth on Strava

You can see what the community is up to and track your progress on Strava, the base app is free!