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Children’s Buy Back Program

Purchasing a quality bicycle for your child might seem daunting. Why buy a bike that will only last so long before your little ripper outgrows it?
The answer is simple. At The Cyclepath Danforth, we believe in ensuring that your kid can enjoy the bike they have, rather than thinking about saving for the next one.
Each new youth bicycle purchased at The Cyclepath Danforth has a trade-in value of up to 50% of the original price towards their next set of wheels!

1st Year

Wow! Your kid grew fast. All bikes traded in within the first year of purchase date receive 50% value.

2nd Year

Two years is the most common timeframe for a trade. For that reason, two-year trades are valued at 40%.

3rd Year

Ready for the next bike? All buy back bikes after three years are eligible for a 30% trade-in value

4th Year

It’s time. After four years of riding a bike, you will receive 20% of the original purchase value.

Bicycles from 10" to 24" wheel are eligible for the Buy Back Program. Trade-ins are valid up to four years after their purchase date. Original receipt and all amenities (training wheels, chain guards) must be returned with the bicycle. Buy Back bikes do not have a cash value, and can only be traded in towards a new, regularly priced, larger sized bicycle for your child. Buy Back bikes must be traded in by the original purchaser and must be in sellable condition. Please note, we do not buy used bicycles that we did not originally sell.